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A little bit about Angela.

Angela is a member of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals and the Alberta Mortgage Broker's Association. She brought her skills to Calgary, Alberta from Halifax, Nova Scotia where she completed three years as a Mortgage Associate with the INVIS Atlantic region. Angela is working on her fifth year as a mortgage professional here in Calgary, Alberta. Add ten years of coast-to-coast Real Estate Paralegal experience and you have well-rounded knowledge of financing that best suits your mortgage needs!
Angela joined INVIS to better serve her clients with greater options from traditional financing to private financing and everything in between. In her spare time she enjoys outdoor family activities, reading, and volunteering.

Why choose to work with a mortgage broker?

Good question! At 403 Mortgages we are here for you. We will provide you with all the knowledge you require to make an informed decision on which mortgage is most suitable for you. After all this is your biggest investment and with me by your side you will ensure you obtain the right mortgage product for your financing needs. Everybody deserves to know the good, bad, and the ugly. At a price tag of FREE you can't afford not to call.

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